One of the greatest insights into the Kingdom of Christ came to me from a magazine article that my wife was reading on a road trip.  It happened to be a home decorating magazine and was helping the reader come to conclusions about decorating.  The ‘WOW’ moment came when the author asked a simple question, “Are you expressing yourself or trying to impress others?”  I have literally applied this question to multiple facets of my Kingdom life that become overly complicated.  This simple question usually resets my mind and allows me to take on the mind of Christ in a matter whereby I was becoming confused.

Given this blog is dedicated to family, I would simply ask you this question as it relates to raising and equipping your children, “Are you establishing an environment in your home and adopting a leadership style that allows your children to uniquely express the Christ within them or are you falling into the trap of rearing children to impress others so that your insecurities as a person and parent can be subdued?”  I know…apostles are deplorable!  But someone has to ask the hard questions no one else wants to ask or be asked.

The fact is that to some in the ‘church’ and the family, behavior modification seems to be more important than expressing the Christ within our children.  We are so afraid that someone will embarrass us or make a mistake that we often forfeit the most valuable asset we have in the body of Christ and family-diversity of expression.  Just as it is not wise to judge another person’s spirituality on their socioeconomic status or body type, we should not be so quick to arrive at self-righteous pride because our children behave a particular way in comparison to others.  In my experience, the extroverted, and sometimes hard to corral, children are likely to become our greatest leaders and will explore the outer reaches of Kingdom expression.   However, if we become so concerned with them ‘acting right’, we will ignore the necessary creative solutions to governing their energies toward a constructive future.

Disclaimer:  This brief blog is not justifying lawless and dangerous behavior for the sake of Kingdom expression.  There must always be a combination of the apostolic (governmental) and prophetic (creative/expressive) qualities that edify and protect those around us.  The law of Christ is simply to love your neighbor as you love yourself-so judge accordingly.